And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the 2018 Chambers USA deadlines and Areas of Research have just been posted!

June 8 is the first deadline for Areas of Research ranging from Nationwide Energy and Nationwide Financial Services to New York Real Estate: Mainly Dirt* (really!).

*We love areas of research that include the word “dirt.”

No BIG changes for the 2018 Chambers US book

  1. the form has not changed
  2. the rules have not changed

Welcome to Toby and … Reinforcing the Rules

  1. Welcome to new US editor Toby Eccleshall, who has replaced the beloved Laura Mills
  2. Toby and other staff do not want to know that your submission is going to be late. What this means is: do not email or call asking for an extension for either the submission form or the referees. There are no extensions. [this is not new]
  3. DO NOT send in more than 20 matters, 20 clients or 20 references. Really. They mean it!

New Sections in the Guide:

Illinois Litigation: Securities

Arizona Native American Law

Changed Deadlines for Some States

States with changed dates include: Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota (several dates have been moved to allow more time for the research of certain sections).

Stay tuned for more details and tips from us.  

If you are already a LexLists customer, you can log in to your LexLists account for the complete list of the Chambers US deadlines within a few hours of this announcement!  Remember to save the directory listings to your MyList calendar in LexLists and share them with your team, set reminders and distribute the workload.

Otherwise, search through the Chambers Research Schedule.

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