Here we go again! The next round of Chambers deadlines begins on  Saturday, October 1 for multiple categories to be published in the Latin America guide. Additionally, the submission deadline for the Chambers Global guide’s Latin America-wide Corporate/M&A practice area is due on October 1, as well.

Submissions for several practice areas in the Chambers USA & High Net Worth (HNW) guides are due on Monday, October 3.

According to the Chambers FAQ’s page, “by far the best way for you to submit is to use the template.” This is true for both submissions and referee spreadsheets, as it allows for faster processing. You can read more detail regarding the submission requirements HERE.

Be sure to read our upcoming blog post on how to tailor your country-specific submissions to be considered also for the Global guide and other important information regarding the Global guide submissions and processes.  Sign up for our LexLists HEADS UP newsletter now to ensure that you receive this information.

If you are already a LexLists customer, please log in to your LexLists account for a complete list of awards and submission instructions. Otherwise, please visit the Chambers website for more information.

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