Chambers has released the deadlines for the Europe & Asia 2018 High Net Worth (HNW) guide. Upcoming deadlines through the end of September include the following categories in countries throughout Asia and Europe.

  • Family/Matrimonial
  • Private Wealth Law
  • Wealth Managers

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Update from HNW’s Editor

In an interview with LexTrack CEO Marsha Redmon, HNW’s editor Simon Christian offers some new information on the Europe + Asia 2018 guide:

  • HNW is taking new submissions this year for the Scandinavian countries, as well as Greece, Portugal, and Gibraltar.
  • Family/Matrimonial: this HNW category has been introduced for Switzerland. Swiss firms with particularly strong practices in HNW divorces, private law children matters, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements should consider sending in submissions.
  • In Asia, HNW has submissions categories for most major markets, including India, Australia, China and Singapore.
  • HNW is particularly interested in receiving submissions for New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

HNW is very cognizant that many practitioners in these areas are very concerned about client information and privacy, so Simon offers the following suggestion:

 “It’s understandable in this market, where client information is particularly sensitive. Firms don’t have to name their clients. We are more interested in the detail of the legal work, and what made it important for the client, than we are in details about the clients. But it’s helpful to provide some brief context that will help us to understand the work better – something like this:

AB, a telecoms entrepreneur who has recently taken their company public;

The XYZ family, a fourth-generation UHNW family with major land holdings and other business interests across the region.

Need More Information?

For a primer on HNW, check out our previous blog post.

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We will discuss the Chambers Global guide submissions in more detail in a separate post.

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