The Law360 400, Glass Ceiling Report and Diversity Snapshot submission deadlines are February 16. The survey was sent out January 16 by Law360. Submissions are due February 16.

What is the Law360 400?

This Law360 400 listing ranks the largest law firms by the total number of U.S.-based attorneys. Law firms will be asked to complete a short survey about their U.S. attorney headcount and to provide demographic breakdowns of their attorney workforce as of Dec. 31, 2017.

What are the Law360 Glass Ceiling and Law360 Diversity Snapshot Reports?

Law360 will also use the submitted law firm data to examine the female and minority representation for the largest law firms in the U.S. at both the associate and partner levels to produce the Glass Ceiling and Diversity Snapshot reports. Those reports examine the overall landscape of the U.S. private practice market for female and minority attorneys, and highlight firms with exemplary female and minority representation at the partner level. Firms that do not respond to those portions of the survey will not be eligible for inclusion in stories and rankings on those topics.

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