On October 13, we reported in a LexLists HEADS UP post on the Law360 Practice Groups of the Year awards which, at the time had a deadline of November 2. However, following the Q&A session, Law360 pushed the deadline back to November 11 at 5pm EST.

The awards will now feature another category, bringing the total to 40. See the category definitions below. Also, the consideration period has been changed to October 1, 2015 through October 1, 2016.

checkmarkTop Tips Gleaned from the Q&A Session

  • Matters can be overseas, and/or include issues on which overseas offices have worked.
  • The more you can reveal with regard to matters, the more it helps editors to assess the weight of the representation.
  • Employment class actions have a better chance in the class action category.
  • Editors consider the significance of matters and big wins over the volume of matters.
  • You can submit the same matters for two practice areas, if it applies to both.
  • Do not include links in your submissions.
  • The sections that typically receive the most nominations are securities, intellectual property, competition, employment, and M&A.
  • The sections that typically receive the fewest nominations are consumer protection, aerospace and defense, food & beverage, retail and e-commerce, and automotive.
  • Matters with concrete outcomes are weighted better than ongoing matters. However, if the ongoing matter has a major development, the editors will take that into consideration.

If you are already a LexLists customer, please log in to your LexLists account for a complete list of awards, submission instructions, and the full details from the Q&A session. Otherwise, read Law360‘s announcement for further information (note: this Law360 link has the old deadline.)

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