Researchers for the Legal 500 US 2017 directory will start emailing your law firm’s referees (aka “references”) beginning January 9, 2017.

How sure are you that your referees will respond… or even receive the researcher’s email?

The publisher recommends law firms contact all of their referees now to remind them to look out for an email from the specific researcher(s) that will be contacting them. Find the Legal 500 US researcher names you’ll need here.  

Many partners worry their clients will be contacted repeatedly by directory researchers. Here is what Legal 500 says about how they will handle repeated referee contacts for the 2017 US book:

A referee will only receive a single reference request email if he or she has been put forward for only a single section or for multiple sections covered by the same researcher (in either case, all referring firms will be mentioned by name). This means that if a referee is put forward for multiple sections being handled by more than one researcher, they may receive more than one email – up to a maximum of two. If the referee is going to receive more than two emails, they will receive a single email from me asking whether they are prepared to receive multiple emails regarding the various sections. We will only send multiple emails to referees who are happy to receive them. If they do not wish to receive multiple emails, the referee can request a telephone interview with one of the relevant researchers.

If you submitted your referees list late (but only if the list was received within the two week period after the deadlines), they will be contacted at the same time as on-time references, but will be treated differently.

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