Do you find yourself confused about when you do–and when you don’t–need to submit separately for the Chambers & Partners Global Guide? You’re not alone!  Recently we spoke with Chambers Global Guide Editor Edward Shum to gain some clarity.

The three most important things you should know about Chambers Global are:

  1. For practice areas that exist only in the Global Guide, regardless of region or country, firms must submit separate submissions with referees, according to Shum. Those areas include, as listed in the Submissions Guidelines, Agribusiness, Business & Human Rights Law, Climate Change, Commercial Contracts, Gaming & Gambling, Legal Process Outsourcing, Public International Law, International Private Client and more.
  2. Submissions for continent-wide practice areas are required. However, client referees are not required for the Europe-wide submissions, with the exception of the Regulatory & Public Affairs practice area, which does require referees.
  3. If you have submitted for a practice area at the country level, firms are not required to submit again for the Global Guide. That said, the Submissions Guidelines state that such “submissions are very useful, but still optional.” Client referees for such submissions are unnecessary.

We hope we have helped you sift through the tangled web of Chambers & Partners Global submissions a bit. If you are already a LexTrack customer, the updated submission form is available in our system to simplify the process and allow you to easily track, manage, and re-use submissions for Chambers Global submissions.

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