This year, Legal 500 introduced a new individual ranking called “Next Generation Lawyers.” LexTrack’s Marsha Redmon interviewed Legal 500 United States editor, Seth Singh Jennings, to learn more about who’s eligible and how it works.

Watch the entire interview with Seth below:


What you need to know about Legal 500’s Next Generation Lawyers:

The Purpose

In-house counsels want to “see the health of the law firms they use by being able to see lists of key up and coming next generation lawyers.

Whom to Put Forth

While no specific guidelines exist, Seth recommends that firms select approximately three strong candidates for each category whom the firm can “really highlight and demonstrate as being among that group of next generation lawyers.”

The Evidence

Provide a brief summary of why your firm chose to nominate each individual and a summary of that person’s practice. Be sure to provide evidence of his/her involvement on key matters that are in the submission.

The Eligibility

Considering the depth of the US market, Legal 500 US is “mainly focusing on newer partners or partners with under five years of experience.” However, in more niche practice areas with a generally smaller talent pool, Legal 500 US may open this category up to senior associates.

The Opportunity

According to Seth, “there are…lots of partners…that do an awful lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to big matters, but don’t necessarily have the time [to] promote themselves and so maybe don’t get the recognition that they deserve.”

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