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Your team works on an overwhelming number of submissions each year. The Dashboard lets the team see everything in one place. Sort by deadline or publication, see who is assigned to which directories and which practice groups are getting the most attention!


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Don’t Abuse Your Referees

Use our Check Referees instant report to see how often and how recently individual referees and client companies have been used in submissions—so you can choose someone else before it is too late!

Clone Chambers Submissions into Legal 500 in a few clicks

Save time by cloning your latest Chambers & Partners submissions into Legal 500 submissions with a few clicks (and vice versa). All data is cloned—all matter details, lawyers, referees, clients. Why make the directories submissions process harder than it has to be?

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Collaborate Across Offices

Coordinate, review, edit and track directories and awards across 50 offices—or one. Get out of email. Stay on track even when key staff members leave or are unavailable.

Track + Visualize Directory Results

LexTrack makes it easy to track results: by practice group, by directory, by lawyer. For example see Trend results by directory and practice group over time.

Generate Deal and Lawyer Accolade Lists

LexTrack is a great business development tool. For pitches, RFPs or media interviews, to name a few, you can create on-the-fly “Current Deals or Cases By Industry” lists or run our “Lawyer Scorecard” report that lists all of a lawyer’s accolades and rankings.

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Digest Emails with Deadline Reminders

Set email deadline reminders for your submissions using our Deadline Email Digest function! Remind yourself (or others) with just the right frequency: with all deadlines in one email.

Reminder frequency options include:

  • daily, the week before the deadline
  • once per week, the month before the deadline
  • monthly, digest of all deadlines you choose
LexTrack digest email reminders