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Law360 Regional Powerhouse Awards 2017

Law360 is now accepting nominations for its Regional Powerhouse awards, so don't miss this chance for nationwide recognition for your regional offices. Don't delay, the final deadline is in June! If you are already a LexLists customer, just log into your LexLists account for complete details on Law360's  submission process, regions being awarded and nomination submission details.

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LexTrack Insights: 3 Things You Must Know About Chambers Global Submissions

Do you find yourself confused about when you do--and when you don’t--need to submit separately for the Chambers & Partners Global Guide? You’re not alone!  Recently we spoke with Chambers Global Guide Editor Edward Shum to gain some clarity. The three most important things you should know about Chambers Global are: For practice areas that

LexLists HEADS UP! IAM Patent 1000 2017 – Nominations Due This Month

Time is running out to submit for Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Patent 1000. The publication is looking for the best practitioners around the globe in patent litigation, prosecution, and licensing.  Submissions are due September 23, 2016. IAM says its listings, as well as biographical information, will be included on a regional basis and can be